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Quality accreditation made easy

We have over twenty years experience in developing and implementing quality management systems for compliance with a wide range of quality Standards and Regulations. Our experience extends from industrial and commercial situations to highly technical environments such as calibration and testing laboratories and medical facilities.

Many businesses find that achieving and maintaining quality accreditation is a daunting and stressful exercise. The reason for this is that the Standard against which they are seeking accreditation states what is required, but does not provide any information about how to achieve it.  We will make this task simple, as we will explain how to comply with each clause of the Standard and show you how to prepare your Quality Manual, Policy Documents and Procedure Manuals to ensure your quality management system complies with the requirements of the relevant Standard.  This will dramatically shorten the time it takes until your initial audit and reduce your costs considerably. 

We will ensure that, not only does your quality management system enable you to easily comply with the requirements of your accreditation Standard, it will also provide you with a number of tools so you can easily track quantifiable KPIs to enable you to constantly measure and track the performance of your quality management system and your business. We believe that a quality system should, not only ensure your continued accreditation but, provide you with a business model and the tools to continuously improve both the way you do business and your business success.

We will provide on-going quality education to ensure your staff understand the operation of your quality management system and can participate in quality related activities, such as internal quality auditing and others, to get the best out of your system.

Take the stress out of quality management. For assistance with your accreditation or quality management requirements, call us now.

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